we are all learning as we go.

our role is to share our journey.


 I DESIGN tools.

Extremely effective tools for living better in the body you live in.

I CONNECT you with the tools you need.

Because most of life is figuring out the right tool for the right job.

 I TEACH you how to be your own teacher. 

Because information is cool, but information without integration is not very useful.

As for the other stuff:

My little sister is very proud of the fact that I am a NY Times bestselling author.

I live with the best wife in the world and an amazing daughter who calls me Imah. 

I am forever grateful to Nevine Michaan who taught me there is magic in science and science in magic.

I believe that a practical learning environment can lead to a better understanding of the mystical aspects of yoga. Therefore I am invested in not only the material I teach, but the teaching methods that I use.

Although I am a trained researcher and love to measure progress through evidence I am in awe of the miraculous, the brilliant healing system of the body and the potential for insight that a yoga practice can provide. I constantly navigate between the practical and the mystical, and find my best answers somewhere in the middle.