Common Questions about our Uncommon Classes

I am a beginner should I come to class? . . .


Our classes are a learning environment.

We don't work in levels like beginner, intermediate and advanced....we all learn and absorb at different rates.

And what the heck is advanced anyway?

We are ALL here figuring out how to live better in the the body we live in.

That makes us ALL beginners.

I can't do yoga because I am SO tight. Do you think there is cement in my hips? . . .

You can't do yoga YET.

There is probably not cement in there but hey you never know.

Do I need to be flexible? . . .


Flexible in your thinking.

Do you think it is remotely possible to ever stop calling yourself inflexible?

If so, you are likely in the right place.

I have X and Y and a bit of Z...should I practice yoga? . . .

I don't usual it DEPENDS and we likely can't figure this out on the internet.

Cookie cutter answers don't work so I won't give you one.

If you need a therapeutics or a very gentle class or a chill out experience there are WONDERFUL offerings and teachers in the Bay Area and beyond. I can send you in the right direction...reach out.

Our classes require you to particpate in your experience.... to WORK with your X and Y and a bit of Z and whatever else you got.

Most of all we teach you to view that stuff you got...that X and Y and bit of Z differently.

Do I need to be advanced? . . .

Advanced in what?

We come to yoga to heal. That is about IT.

So if you are advanced in wanting to heal....consider yourself advanced.

If you are seeking a practice that requires you to participate in your experience, that jumps the chasm of receiving information to INTEGRATING are advanced.

How is this yoga different? . . .

Different than what?

Our focus is education.

We teach you how to feel better in the body you are living in now.

You learn techniques that help you move better, think better, and feel better. But the technqiues only work if you can adjust them for YOUR body, and this takes a heckuva different apporach than just following along.

What you learn is how to teach yourself.

This is hard in the beginning, this training of our intellect as well as our body. Yet the upside is you become autonomous, not dependent on any teacher or method, but dependent on yourself.

That is how this yoga is different.

Meanwhile, here is an overview of our approach.

Where are you located? . . .

We are located at Classical Ballet of California located at 1919 Palmetto Avenue in the magical town of Pacifica.

Light streams in through the skylights and there are ballet slippers here and there.

There is room to study, to investigate, to discard what works and what doesn't.

Come visit.

How is the elevate practice connected to Katonah Yoga and the work of Nevine Michaan? . . .

Fabulous question.

Your answer can be found here.


registration and reservation questions

Can I try one class? . . .


Please choose the drop in class selection for new friends and vistors on the registration page.

How do I reserve classes? . . .

Once you purchase a class card you can reserve classes via the online scheduler or Zen Planner App.

If you forgot your password or need to download the app (yes...we forget passwords too!) just contact us.

How far in advance can I reserve a class? . . .

You can reserve a class up to six weeks in advance. If you are planning a trip to the Bay Area more than six weeks in advance please contact us.

How MANY classes can I reserve in advance? . . .

You can reserve as many classes that are on your class card.

So if you have a ten class card and have attended four classes you can reserve up to six more classes.

Can I register the day of the class? . . .

Absolutely. All classes are pre-registration only but if there is room available in the class you can register online up to the start of the class. Many local parents have been known to register a few minutes before class right after they drop the kids at school.

What if I need to cancel a class? . . .

If you need to cancel a class please cancel via the online scheduler or the Zen Planner App at least four hours before the start of the class.

If there is something going on right before class (and we are working parents so we get it!!!) please reach out via email BEFORE the class starts and let us know you are not coming.

All no shows and cancellations less than two hours before the class starts will be charged for the class.

How does the waiting list work? . . .

If the class is filled to capacity you can register to be put on the waiting list.

If you get moved up into the waiting list please plan on coming to class.

If you can't make it, no worries, just reply to your waiting list email or cancel the class via the online scheduler or the Zen Planner App.

What if I am visiting from out of town? . . .


Feel free to register for a drop in class or a class card.

Do you offer a monthly unlimited pass? . . .

We don't offer a monthly pass since we are a teaching and reseach program and the number of classes we offer each month varies.

Yet we do offer 20 and 40 class cards for ongoing students.

What if I can only attend once in a while? . . .

That is absolutely fine. There are many students who travel from outside the local area to take class once a month, once a season or for a few days out of the year.

Our classes are highly educational and can be considered a booster shot to your regular practice.

I have another question not answered here. . . .

Any logistical questions regarding registration, reservations and class cards just reach out via email or see us after class.

I have question about something we did in class today. . . .

Most classes open with class discussion and ANY questions can be asked after class.

If you would rather ask via email just please reach out.

I can't seem to reserve or cannot view upcoming classes on the Zen Planner App? . . .

If you can't see any more classes it simply means you have used your current class cards. You can purchase a new card via the app or here or feel free to contact us.