How To Home Practice is an intense 21 day training where we work together to build you a remarkable home practice.

A home practice is a series of exercises that you do most days at home that make you feel better.

A remarkable home practice is a series of exercises that you can adapt, progress and regress depending on what your body needs that day.

So simple right, yet so elusive

The format of this 21 day plan is different than an online course or in person training.

In most online courses (no matter how remarkable the material that you are learning), most people do not finish the course.

This is because there is no accountability, no practical discussion about how to integrate useful information so it is useable.

How To Home Practice is a different approach…a way to jump beyond automatic emails and generic classes….a way to create a way of practicing that is FOR you.

For you right now….which is different than last year.

Or next year.

And that is why it is worth your time to change the way you design your practice, to jump the chasm from watching a bunch of random videos to being the decider and the designer of what you do with your precious practice time.

I guess I think you should be a picky pants with what you do with your time and your body.

Accountability is HUGE…and although, yes, there are apps for that….they don’t really work because most of this stuff is created for EVERYONE….and anything that is meant to be helpful to everyone cannot be remarkable for anyone.

Accountability is why information does not get integrated …and what could be a valuable learning experience becomes just another video on your computer, or another file that is unread.

Now there are tons of ways that could work but most of them don’t work unless you already have a good support system in place.

How To Home Practice is a 21 day plan where you receive a new practice each day, a time to build on the skills from the day before and the practices you will do and where we review each day what worked and how we can work to make it better.

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