what can you bring?

what can you bring to your practice

so your practice is more

than watching a video

or repeating instructions

that what were repeated so many times

they appear as rules of yoga

but simply are

repeated instructions.

what can you contribute

so that your practice can be

an instrument

for you to play.

bring what you know.

and bring what you don’t know.

bring what has worked

and bring what may work

if you worked it.

that is what you can bring.

from Ariadne’s Thread and Other Practices by Wini Linguvic

Why The Ballet Studio Rocks


This is just a few of the zillion reasons the ballet studio rocks:

  1. Classical Ballet of California is run by the great Nina Baratova. Enough said there.

  2. There is light streaming in, high ceilings and you can feel the energy of the generations of dancers who studied here.

  3. Dancers built their craft through technique. So do we.

  4. Our yoga classes fit right in to a working dance studio where WORK happens, and where art is revealed through practice, and where the body and intellect and imagination is trained to work together.

  5. There are baskets of little ballet shoes in the changing room, how can that ever be bad?



how did the box start?

it started with

 someone saying

you have tight shoulders

we agreed

and became

that tight shouldered person.

everything got filtered through

"I have tight shoulders".

that is who we became.

that was our "thing"

we traded our "thing" with other people

until our yoga discussion was limited to 

what was wrong with us.

 we began to filter every yoga practice


a false yet familiar framework of

how to FIX ourselves

as if

we needed fixing

and someone could fix us

without ever knowing

who we were.

we began to 

 start every practice

with a list


our wounds

our injuries

our labels

our list of STUFF that someone told us

we had


we had to fix.

we made these labels the most important thing

about us

and our yoga

until it became

almost true.

if we tell ourselves

this story

of what is wrong with us

before every yoga practice....

our yoga practice


this story.

if we start 

to believe

what has been 




it has been repeated

so many 


we never can get a glimpse

of what it is like 

to figure it out for ourselves.


if we box ourselves in

by our labels

chosen by us

or for us

we believe we are those labels




if we box ourselves in

day after day

practice after practice

we will lose the ability

to see


was always




step outside the box.

53 backbends

why 53 backbends?

yoga can be quite magical

but the way to create magic

(as any scientist will tell you)

is through






every year

for the past eight years

I map a plan


drop back my age in years

on my birthday.

this is certainly a bit ridiculous.

especially because this year it is 53 drop backs.

I don't think someone else needs to do 53 backbends.

lordy no.


I do think it is quite useful

to work with practical and repeatable measures

so that when the magic happens

you have a map of what you did

so you can do it again.