What the heck is advanced?

 A question I get ALOT is....

 "Do I need to be advanced to come to class?" 

Short answer: Yes. 

But what the heck is advanced?

Long answer: You need to be an advanced student.   

An advanced student is CURIOUS.

Sprinkle that with a sense of humor, a keen awareness that we ALL are athletes in this wild sport of life, and you are advanced.

Our classes are participatory learning….a place to roll up our sleeves and figure out best navigate the body we live in NOW... to reclaim a sense of control and potential we might have forgotten was there.

Forgotten until we rolled out our yoga mat, rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Come to class and be an advanced LEARNER.

So how do you get advanced at learning?

By participating in your learning process.

That is advanced.