Highly Overrated

Motivation is highly overrated.

I need some motivation to start running again.

I need to find the right teacher to get motivated to practice yoga.

Maybe after the holidays I will be motivated to stop the morning donut routine.

Motivation can be a bit wishy washy, usually relying on inspirational quotes, images of what other people think is motivating, or a promise of fast results.

But when we find the perfect quote, image or product, do we make that change, or do we keep searching for a better quote, image or product? 

The right conditions can certainly motivate us, but what drives us to do the things we actually DO? 

Did you wait for motivation to get your child to school safely this morning?

Did you need to read an inspirational quote to walk your dog?

Did you wait for the perfect moment before you showed up for work and helped your team make the deadline?  

This is the daily superhero stuff.

This is the work we do because we are responsible.

We do things ALL the time without motivation, we accomplish tasks small and grand every day because we are responsible to our children, our dogs, our jobs.

Motivation is HIGHLY overrated and not essential to doing the right thing. 

Sure it can be helpful, but it often thrown around as a procrastination tool.

Especially when it comes to taking care of our well being.

Responsibility, on the other hand, gets things done.