As Best You Can

as best you can.jpg

LOTS of instructions in our classes.

“Dial towards one o’clock.”

"Press the heel to change the stance."

Refined instructions….. “find the lateral line” are directed towards practitioners familiar with our curriculum.

More basic instructions… “micro bend the knees” are aimed towards newer friends still figuring out how to sit on the floor comfortably without wincing.

These are instructions....of course there are instructions.

Just like driving to a destination....there are ways to get there there are instructions.

And some destinations require a bit of traveling…..therefore the need for directions.

The material we work with in our classes is hard.

Not hard like a workout class is hard (been there, done that, wrote two books about it.)

Our classes are hard because we TRAIN ourselves to SEE ourselves…not with judgement but with curiosity.

And we find ways to feel better…..ways that are repeatable, accurate and specific.

And since we are here to LEARN something useful and useable.…. there are instructions

If you are new to class, the instructions may sound a bit like a command.

“Take the arm forward.”

Yet nothing is EVER a command.

Lordy no.

Every SINGLE instruction comes with an unspoken phrase, understood between teacher and student.

And that phrase is:


After every “rotate towards 2 oclock” trust that I am silently adding on "as best you can."

Of course new students might not be able to HEAR this silent “as best you can” which is why ALL new students are required to come early to class, so I can explain it.

Everyone is required to meet with me before their first class…….because reading this stuff in a generic ”what to know before class” list on a website tends not to work as well as a genuine interaction between teacher and student.