Bring What You Got

bring what you got.jpg

Our past training will be the lens in which we view our practice today.

But if we can SEE that.

If we know that what we GOT will act as a filter to what we are GETTING,

we stand a chance of building something totally new.


What we know informs what we don’t know.


We don’t have beginners mind.

We try our best but we don’t.

We can’t.

What we can do is KNOW that what we BRING informs us.

And then we can CHOOSE to throw what is no longer useful away.

Or at least put it in the box of “what I did before”.

And “what I did before” is not wrong.

Repeat….”what i did before is not wrong”.

But perhaps “what I did before” is no longer “what could my practice be NOW”.


from ariadne’s thread and other practices