A yoga practice is a chance to CONNECT the dots.

We can CONNECT how the shape of a pose can change the state of the mind.

We can CONNECT how a technique has the potential to fortify or deplete us.

We can CONNECT how repetition of a one thing done well provides a baseline to do MORE things well.

But sometimes we get distracted.

Instead of connecting the dots we get caught up in the more common practice of collecting the dots.

We work on doing MORE.

More poses.

More classes.

More “research”.

Everyone is selling us MORE.

Scaring the shit out of us….because if you don’t have THIS or THAT you don’t have IT.

So we are told to collect MORE so what we are doing might have more of a chance of working.

So we collect videos.

And advice.

And inspirational pictures and motivational quotes.

And retreats.

And festivals.

Whatever works for you works for you.

If it is working.

Collecting makes you good at collecting.

It doesn’t help at all with CONNECTING.

In our earnest efforts we get so damned busy COLLECTING the dots that we miss out on the alchemy that occurs when we find ways to CONNECT the dots.