Elevate The Conversation

Seth Godin reminds us not to get distracted.

He writes:

When you seek the mass market, there are two paths available:
You can dumb down your message and your expectations, and meet your audience where they stand. You can coarsen your lyrics, offer simpler solutions, ask for less effort, demand less work, promise bigger results...
Or you can smarten it up, and lead despite your goal of mass, not chase it.

Seth is talking about business.

But he could easily be talking about the trap new yoga teachers can easily fall into when they begin teaching.

Anything that is made to appeal to everyone CAN'T work on a spectacular level.

And anyone who is called to teach yoga....started teaching because yoga helped THEM...in a spectacular way.  

So it is time, to steal Seth's words, to smarten up the way we teach and talk about yoga.

We smarten up when we elevate the conversation by keeping our expectations high. 
We smarten up when we teach ONE thing, something that works for us, and let go of insisting that what we are teaching is THE thing that will work for everyone.
We smarten up when we teach something that works and not something that we are working on.
We smarten up when we focus on deepening our message and clarifying WHO we are teaching to. Because if we reach too wide there will be no depth. And the depth is where the magic is.
We smarten up when we invest our time in educational strategies. The best content won't matter if it is not delivered effectively.  
We smarten up when we let go of the need to be the ambassador for all things yoga.   
We smarten up when we stop promising peace and love and bliss and start sharing our truth about how yoga helps us DEAL.
We smarten up when we let go of trying to appeal to the masses. The masses don't really exist. You can't please everyone. Stop breaking your heart trying.

The truth is yoga takes work.

Most things that WORK take work.

And we do the potential of a yoga practice a great disservice when we dumb it down.

To build a yoga practice you don't need to touch your toes (or stand on your head) but you do need to be willing to participate, ACTIVELY participate, in your well being.

This participation requirement can be brutal and will be rejected by the masses.

But you are not teaching to the masses.

You are teaching intelligent people who are seeking solutions.....people just like you.

Once you realize that...well you have smartened up.