Maybe yoga is just a tool to figure out where the heck we are.

Cause we get LOST.

Every freaking day. 

We forget who we are and what we want and why we are here.

We get caught up in the status quo.......distracted by the bells and whistles and clicks and headlines.

We become tangled in our habits.

We forget that we have choices.

We need a way to cut through that gnarly stuff that seems to have taken up permanent residence in our minds.

 We can roll out our mat and use our yoga practice as an internal GPS....to figure out not only WHERE we are but WHERE we want to GO.........and thank goodness we remember that we can choose our own path.

We will get lost though.

Of course we will.

We get lost because at first we choose the obvious route.....the one that EVERYONE takes simply because it is the way it has always been done...and that doesn't take us towards our true potential.

We practice so we have options....so we can learn to drive other places with our attention, our energy, our focus.

When you discover you have options, because you have learned how to DRIVE YOURSELF you can burn forever those outdated maps. 

Those outdated maps never took into  account that the terrain is vast and unique to you.

No wonder you were lost following them.

And that terrain...it is ALWAYS  changing...so it behooves us to not rely on a ROUTE as much as our own internal navigation system.

I can't drive you where you want to go. No one can.

But I will try to teach you to read your own internal GPS.

So you can drive yourself.


Thank you to Nevine Michaan for reminding me that I have an internal GPS and for showing me the vast potential of unexplored terrain.

 Think about it.