Moving Current

All ancient cultures based their healing traditions on moving energy, on harnessing an internal current and using it to heal, repair, restore.

 In Asian cultures this force is called Chi, Qi, or Ki. In Hindu culture, or most yoga traditions of today, it is called Prana. The ancient Greeks used the word Pneuma to describe the vital spirit of a person, and in the Old Testament we find the Hebrew word Ruach, translated as wind, breath or mind.

Different words. Same idea. Across time and culture there has always been a recognition that there is a current of energy within us and that we have the ability to move it.

Humans have always sought to move this energy although the methods to use it can be called different things. Whether we call our methods yoga, tai chi, qi gong, or pranayama the overall goal is the same.  To unlock and direct the internal current that is within each one of us.

It is this innate and timeless quest to move this energy, to learn to use it to better navigate our complex minds and bodies, that leads us to build a practice.

Build a practice.