In this picture you see a yoga studio or a well loved toy nestled in the ropes.

Or both.

It is a matter of perspective.

I heard from two students yesterday....they wanted to let me know how the morning class went for them.

They had two profoundly different experiences in the SAME class.

The first student shared how she finally understood a specific pose...what actions to take so she feels more organized and capable. She had reached out to let me know how thrilled she was to discover something new about the body she has lived in all her life.

Good stuff.

The second student told me that towards the end of the practice, while we were working with some of the more advanced techniques she floated outside of her body in a way that, after twenty years of practice, she had never experienced.

More good stuff.

Both women are very serious students with many years of practice.

But both experienced the SAME sequence differently.

It is a matter of perspective.

And our perspective can change.