play your practice

play your practice.jpg

if you wanted to play the piano

you would first

learn the notes

you would consider the history

and potential

of your instrument


this is the same in practice

the notes

are our folds and twists and patterns of breath

our body is our instrument


be cautious in judging

your instrument

in labeling your body as

too old

too big

too brittle

too shallow

because you can’t know the music you can create

until you learn to play.


the forms of our practice

those are our musical notes

we start with two or eight or twenty

we begin with what we have


we start with a few notes and

to make those notes work

we figure out

how they work

through inquiry and testing

and practice


what note can be layered on top of another

to elevate the pose?

what note should be held longer

to stabilize the pose?

can we combine three chords to change the internal conversation?

and could the simple pause between the breath

alter the tone of our day?


we learn the potential of timing

of duration

of repetition

of accuracy

we test how many beats should we pause for

and what happens when we change the timing to

three minutes

six minutes

nine minutes

and how does that change how we spend our time?


we discover how adding

two things together

adds up

to more than two things


we learn if we can see patterns

we can change them.

if we can observe how a variation in tempo

can change one thing

we have the ability to change



with practice

we discover how the environment

the weather

the season

the location

the community

can alter our experience

and how that is all okay

because we get to play again



from ariadne’s thread and other practices by wini linguvi