Process For Testing

process for testing.png

When you teach technique there should also be a process for EVALUATION of that technique.

How else will you know if what you are teaching is worth teaching?

It is difficult to decipher what is useful when there is a constant STREAM of stuff.⁣

Even if something is valuable how do we know if it is lost in a sea of hype, or fear, or false promises?

This is when having a PROCESS is helpful.

⁣⁣⁣When YOU have a PROCESS of testing you can evaluate what could be USEFUL.

What could be USEABLE?

Your work and the material that you teach should matter enough to be worth evaluating.

⁣In research we develop an evaluation process for what we are working with.

In our intensives we develop a process for testing a technique, a sequence, a pattern, or something else that is important enough to invest our time in.

⁣We work with duration (how long we work with something) and frequency (how often we work with a technique) and timing (how long is the stretch, or the hold, or the pulse) and that sounds overwhelming but how else will you KNOW what works and what doesn’t.⁣

Reach out to learn HOW to develop an evaluation process for the material you are teaching so WHAT you are teaching is worthwhile to the people you are teaching.

⁣Because random practices are fine…unless you want something more than random.