Replace Accessible With Technical

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One word changes everything.

So many people over age forty get told to do accessible yoga.

And “accessible” doesn't really mean anything anymore.

It is a vague description.

What if instead of seeking something accessible you decided to make your yoga technical.

You would rely on technique...instead of kinda hoping maybe something would be easy enough to do.

What if you tested technique...on yourself...over see if you practice could be useful.

Useful for you.

Don't believe a word I say.


An accessible backbend.

Versus a technical backbend.

Which one would work for you?

An accessible pranayama practice.

Versus a technical pranayama practice.

Which one sounds like it would make a difference?

Most things can be accessible....that is a matter of scaling up or down.

But when you make your practice technical…well then it can be remarkable.



:::from ariadne’s thread and other practices by wini linguvic

PS: Accessible is a worthy goal. But a technical approach makes anything accessible.