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Replace Accessible With Technical

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One word changes everything.

So many people over age forty get told to do accessible yoga.

And “accessible” doesn't really mean anything anymore.

It is a vague description.

What if instead of seeking something accessible you decided to make your yoga technical.

You would rely on technique...instead of kinda hoping maybe something would be easy enough to do.

What if you tested technique...on yourself...over see if you practice could be useful.

Useful for you.

Don't believe a word I say.


An accessible backbend.

Versus a technical backbend.

Which one would work for you?

An accessible pranayama practice.

Versus a technical pranayama practice.

Which one sounds like it would make a difference?

Most things can be accessible....that is a matter of scaling up or down.

But when you make your practice technical…well then it can be remarkable.



:::from ariadne’s thread and other practices by wini linguvic

PS: Accessible is a worthy goal. But a technical approach makes anything accessible.

A Faster Horse

a faster horse
If I would have asked people
what they wanted they would have asked for a faster horse
— Henry Ford


in search of home practice

we instinctively try to


a yoga class

at home


this is understandable

good yoga classes

can help us


and we want that feeling

of feeling


all the time


but in our quest

to replicate

a yoga class

we miss out

on the REAL potential of

home practice


we miss out on being

the driver

the decider

the leader


only in home practice

can you reveal

to yourself



capable you are


your home practice is an entirely different vehicle

than a video

or a


or a



in class you LEARN to self soothe

at home you self soothe

in class you LEARN to self regulate

at home you self regulate


this highest form of self care

is not possible

in a group setting.

although we learn it in a group setting.



from ariadne’s thread and other practices by wini linguvic

ps: a personal practice is not a solo version of a class, no matter how good your classes are.

it is not a faster horse.

it is something else entirely.



esoteric (definition): intended for or understood by only a chosen few, as an inner group of disciples or initiates, beyond the understanding or knowledge of most people.


tend to use the word


as a shield

to prevent us

from trying.


it is too hard

too advanced


it is hard

it is advanced

most stuff that works

takes work.


esoteric practice is not exclusively


those people

who sell yoga scents

and sense.

lordy no.


do not be intimidated by new age vernacular

that masquerades as wisdom

deeper knowledge is built one skill at a time.

in a language clear and concise


complex concepts

require understanding of simple concepts



is not impossible

it is

just elusive.


from Ariadne’s Thread and Other Practices by wini linguvic

so much gratitude to Nevine Michaan who taught me there is magic in science and science in magic.

bad practice


to way to good practice

is to have




bad practices.


when you say

it is okay

to have a bad practice

to make mistakes

to try new things

and to throw away

the crap that doesn’t work

because you worked it

you are closer

to a good practice.


allow yourself to

have bad practices

lots and lots

of bad practices


and try

ten or twenty or two hundred times

so you know what doesn’t work.


all craft

all skill

all alchemy

is learned

from first hand experience

and the willingness

to have make mistakes


the way to good practice

is through bad practice

so you can recognize

the difference.


from Ariadne’s Thread and Other Practices by wini linguvic



how did the box start?


 someone saying

you have tight shoulders


we agreed

and became

that tight shouldered person.


everything got filtered through

"I have tight shoulders".

that is who we became.


that was our "thing"

we staked our claim

on our issue

until our yoga became a route that pointed the way


what was wrong with us.


 we began to filter every yoga practice


the false yet familiar framework of

how to FIX ourselves

as if

we needed fixing


and someone

on the internet

could fix us

without ever knowing

who we were.


we began to 

 start every practice

with a list


our wounds

our injuries

our labels

our list of STUFF that someone told us

we had


we had to fix.


we made these labels the most important thing

about us

we made these labels become

the reason we practiced yoga

until it became

almost true.


if we tell ourselves

this story

of what is wrong with us

before every yoga practice

our yoga practice


this story.


if we start 

to believe

what has been 




it has been repeated

so many 


we won’t recognize

what is real


if we box ourselves in

by our labels

chosen by us

or for us

we define ourselves by the label of




if we box ourselves in

day after day

practice after practice

we will lose the ability

to see


was always




from ariadne’s thread and other practices by wini linguvic