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Replace Accessible With Technical

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One word changes everything.

So many people over age forty get told to do accessible yoga.

And “accessible” doesn't really mean anything anymore.

It is a vague description.

What if instead of seeking something accessible you decided to make your yoga technical.

You would rely on technique...instead of kinda hoping maybe something would be easy enough to do.

What if you tested technique...on yourself...over see if you practice could be useful.

Useful for you.

Don't believe a word I say.


An accessible backbend.

Versus a technical backbend.

Which one would work for you?

An accessible pranayama practice.

Versus a technical pranayama practice.

Which one sounds like it would make a difference?

Most things can be accessible....that is a matter of scaling up or down.

But when you make your practice technical…well then it can be remarkable.



:::from ariadne’s thread and other practices by wini linguvic

PS: Accessible is a worthy goal. But a technical approach makes anything accessible.

Reinventing The Pancake

straddle study.jpg

Our curriculum for May and June will dive deep into the pancake series.

The pancake series contains straddles, side body work, and a whole bunch more.

Anything new, outside the realm of our current practice, is scary…because it is unknown.

And straddles, or pancakes, are often THROWN into the mix of a class or done without any real understanding of what they are for and how they might be useful.

So they are either scary as heck or misunderstood.

And for those of us that have these movements in their repertoire, well once you have competency in a movement, what are you going to do with it?


The goal of the pancake series is not a single pose but the process of testing the stuff we talk about in class all the time.

What if you were to approach pancake…a useful version that works for YOU…as a two month long project?

Once a month, once a week or three times a week, come to class when you can.

Lets test this stuff we talk about all the time.

Bring your questions and bring your answers.


PS: if you hate pancake pose please come to class anyway. You will learn how to cut pancakes in half, flip them upside down and cut them up into tiny bite size accessible pieces.


reach out with any questions