stretch yourself

We are hard wired to seek growth.... to learn, to expand, to test our preconceived limitations.

We sometimes are socialized to avoid this challenge...but it can resurface when we are rooted in the present and recognize that we NEED to learn, to stretch, to expand.

We search for ways to FEEL more alive.....and the best times come when our minds are as challenged as our bodies.

The marketplace tries to convince us we can only get this thrill, this newness by scaling mountains with the best snow or  diving into the deepest seas off of the cleanest beaches.

They are kinda right...we need a challenge.

And we can find this different ways for sure.

But the unknown with the most potential is not found by getting a new toy, skiing a new mountain or traveling to a four star resort.

The uncharted territory is inside and can be found by simply bending back.

Think about it.