Why we are specific

be specific.jpg

it is easy to have goals.

it is, after all a new year.

yet goals are kinda vague.

take more yoga classes.

practice yoga at home.


but the thing about these vague goals…..

is that they aren’t SPECIFIC.


when our goals are vague

our actions are vague.

we kinda




will do that thing we want to do.


it is WAY more useful

to be specific.

once you set out to be specific you are on the hook.

you are accountable.

this is HOW

you do the thing you want to do.


our classes are specific

whether we repeat a shoulder mobility pattern

every Sunday for a month

or add three minutes of recalibration practice

every Thursday for six weeks.

being specific in class gives us time.

time to see how our body adapts to a technique.

time to see how a technique can be adapted to our body.

being specific gives us freedom

freedom to see if a specific technique WORKS.

freedom to prove to ourselves that we can transform

from unskilled

to skilled


our specific goal

is to build a set of skills that you can take anywhere.

to build specific practices to

calm down

wake up

self soothe

self regulate

this level of skill is attainable when you have specific steps to attain it.

a quick note from wini:

Our learning environment is meant to be specific.

So you can have the freedom to go deeper into what your yoga practice can be.

The teaching method is also specific, a pedagogical approach that offers both practical and mystical material in a way that is USEFUL and accessible.

And moost importantly the curriulum is designed is to elevate YOUR level of expertise so that you can make informed decisions about how to build a yoga practice that makes your life better.

Those are lofty goals for sure

The steps to get there however are specific.