Yoga Is Personal

In these days of crowded classes and information overload it is quite a challenge to navigate through what all those OTHER bodies are doing and figure out what can work for YOUR body.

Yoga is personal when it helps us live better in the body we live in NOW

The body we live in now is not the body from last year or the body we are hoping to have next year.

The body we live in NOW is not the body before the babies, before the new job, before we traveled a few more places and learned a few more lessons. 

Yoga is personal when we discard the stories we told ourselves about our body and reject the stories others told us about our body and begin to heal the body we have NOW. 

Yoga is personal when we finally throw out the labels of what our body should be, what our body shouldn't be so we can begin to uncover how our body can help us FEEL better. 

Everybody comes to yoga for different reasons. 

We seek out tools to manage back pain, sleep better, or lengthen parts of our body that feel permanently stuck. Our reasons are personal and are revealed in the way we move or don't move, in our ability or inability to respond and recover from both physical and emotional stress. Heck, our individuality shows up in the way we BREATHE. 

This is all so very personal. 

Yet there is a common thread weaving throughout all this personal stuff.....we all want to live better in the body we live in.

My role as a teacher is to help you take YOUR yoga personally.

To share methods of HOW to practice yoga, not just WHAT poses to practice.

To provide a quality learning environment so you can build a practice that supports YOU in the body you live in NOW.   

Your life, your goals, your priorities.

Because yoga is personal.