questions and answers 

What is the New Floor Project?

The New Floor Project is a plan to to install a new Marley Dance floor at Classical Ballet of California, the fabulous ballet studio we practice at.

Professional dance floor...what is that?

A marley floor is a professional ballet floor that is usually rolled out over a wood floor. It is made of a special material so that dancers don't slip. There are all types of marley floors, used in both dance studios and performance space. 

Can you practice yoga on a marley floor?

Absolutely. What you can't do it wear your high heels in the studio as it would scuff the floor........but I don't suggest high heels outside anyway.

Why is a new floor needed?

The current floor at CBC is a portable floor that has been lovingly danced on for over ten years.  Until recently, the flooring would be rolled up and transported to Terra Nova High School twice a year for performances.  Terra Nova now has their own dance floor, so Classical Ballet can can now have their own floor!

How much does the new floor cost?

The floor will be about $5000.

When will the floor be installed?

Sometime in August.

Who will install the floor?

The installation will be supervised by the creative director of The Peninsula Ballet  and the technical director of San Francisco State University. (That is Nina's husband Greg and my wife Kim in case you did not know:) 

Can I help with the installation?

Yes. There will be two days that we will need a small the dates get confirmed I will reach out. 

Will the studio be closed during installation?

Yes...but because we are planning this way in advance it will only be closed for a few days. 

How can I contribute?

The easiest way is to donate online. That can be  at the donation button below.


How much should I contribute?

That is totally up to you. 

Are there other ways to contribute?

Yes. You can attend one of the two benefit classes we are having in June.  100 percent of the proceeds will be going toward the new floor.

Why are you organizing this?

I am in awe of Nina Barakova and how she has been a part of SO MANY children's lives.  I love the way she teaches, her energy, and her love for her students. I know what it is like to love what you do so much and as a parent and a teacher she has my utmost respect.

I love the building. I love the high ceilings and open space. I love that the building is NOT a yoga center or zen center or a workout gym but is a working learning facility where change and growth happens. 

Classical Ballet of California is not a typical dance studio. It is  one big family (have you seen the toys and mini ballet shoes everywhere?).

So how can I donate?

There are a number of ways you can be a part of the new floor project.

You can also leave a check with Nina or Wini if you are more comfortable writing a check.