questions and answers 

What is the New Floor Project?

The New Floor Project is the planning, purchase and installation of a new Marley dance floor at Classical Ballet of California.

The project is directed by the owners of Classical Ballet of California, Nina Baratova and Gregory Amato.

Marley Dance Floor...what is that?

A Marley floor is a professional ballet floor that is usually rolled out over a wood floor.

It is made of a special material so that dancers don't slip.

Marley floors are used in professional dance studios, theaters and performance spaces. 

Can you practice yoga on a Marley floor?


What you can't do is wear your high heels in the studio as it would scuff the floor........but I don't suggest high heels while practicing yoga anyway.

Why is a new floor needed?

The current floor at CBC is a portable floor that has been lovingly danced on for over twenty years.

Twenty years is a long time, especially because until recently the flooring would be rolled up and transported to Terra Nova High School twice a year for performances.  

Terra Nova High School now has their own dance floor, so CBC can now have their own floor.

When will the floor be installed?

February 10th through 16th.

How can I contribute?

Oh my thank you for asking.

you can donate via the donate link below