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Stability & Mobility For Yogis

I am absolutely thrilled to announce Saturdays at the Sangha, a monthly training open to all students and teachers of yoga.

Our first practice will introduce how to integrate stability and mobility into your yoga practice.

Oh my this is going to be good.

Expect to discuss:

What is stability?

And how does stability connect to movement?

What is mobility?

And how is mobility different from flexibility?

What is dynamic and static stretching?

And is there such a thing as overstretching?


all bodies welcome.

highly recommended for all styles of yoga

class filled to capacity.

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High Level Practice For Runners

A skillful yoga practice can improve mobility, strength, breath capacity AND focus, all critical components to be able to run injury free.

So lets figure out a way to work your yoga so it works for you.

Come join us for a two hour exploratory workshop to build a yoga toolbox that you can use to support your running.

Expect to discuss:

How to WORK your yoga so it makes YOUR running work better.

What three poses are the most useful for tight hips and shoulders. 

How to maximize your post run cool down.

All levels welcome!

A Special Event for members of PACIFICA RUNNERS

watch the video below to find out more about what we will cover.

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