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Introduction To Circular Floorwork

⁣a one hour introduction to Circular Floorwork

expect an introduction to the map of the clock and an overview of the direction, dimensions and patterns of circular floorwork.

note: this class will be filmed.

all levels welcome.

class starts at 9:30



how do I register?

you can use your class card or register for a single class here.

you will receive a coupon after the class to apply to your next class card.

(this is studio policy for all of our filmed classes.)

what is circular floorwork?

circular floorwork is a series of technical exercises that integrate direction, dimension and pattern.

what does circular floorwork do?

the technical exercises are training in how to APPLY and DIRECT the intellect to strengthen and fortify the body.

so is this is mind-body training?

we use those words, mind-body connection ALOT…but what does “mind-body” REALLY mean?

this connectivity (or idea of connectivity) between the mind and the body is often theoretical, talked about in scores of yoga classes but not often INTEGRATED into our daily lives in a way that is USEFUL and USEABLE.

circular floorwork JUMPS from theory to technique with specific, accurate and repeatable movements that add dimension and direction to the way YOU move and practice.

I can’t make the class, will you offer it again.


when will the online intensive be available?


Do you offer teacher training in this?

yes. there will be a teacher/practitioner intensive later this year.

I have another question.

Reach out anytime.


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