I have X and Y and a bit of Z...should I practice yoga?

I don't know....as usual it DEPENDS and we likely can't figure this out on the internet.

Cookie cutter answers don't really work so I won't give one.

If you need a  therapeutics or a very gentle class or a chill out experience there are WONDERFUL offerings and teachers in the Bay Area and beyond.

I can send you in the right direction...reach out.

The yoga we practice requires you to PARTICIPATE in your experience.... to work WITH your X and Y and a bit of Z and whatever else you got.

Most of all we teach you to VIEW the stuff you got...that  X and Y and bit of Z differently.

I am a beginner should I come to a class?


Our classes are a learning environment.

We don't work in levels like beginner, intermediate and advanced....we all learn and absorb at different rates. 

And what the heck is advanced anyway?

And time spent practicing yoga does not necessarily correlate to skill or practice level. Read more on that here.

 We are all here figuring out how to live better in the the body we live in.

That makes us all beginners.

Don't let the fear of being a beginner get in the way of learning something that matters.